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Unleash Your Website’s SEO Potential with Our Strategic Overview Audit for Only $50!

This cost-effective audit evaluates your current SEO performance - the perfect first step to improving your online visibility.

  • Affordable Insights:
    Gain valuable SEO analysis at a low entry point. The findings with be clearly explained to you in a one-on-one video call session with one of our SEO experts.
  • Prioritized Action Plan:
    We analyze all site aspects and clearly label findings as "high" or "low" priority.
  • Build on the Momentum:
    Use this overview to identify quick wins and other surface gain opportunities. Then, take it further with one of our in-depth, Complete Audit options.

What's Included?
All the SEO Essentials Are Covered!

Our SEO Strategic Overview Audit keys components that significantly influence your search visibility. You'll receive a high-level evaluation and actionable insights tailored to your industry - the perfect introductory analysis to identify areas for improvement.

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Keyword Analysis

  • Strategy Evaluation
    We will analyze your current keyword strategy and assess how effectively your targeted keywords reach your intended audience.
  • Opportunity Identification
    The audit identifies underutilized keywords and suggests optimizations to capture potential traffic better and improve search rankings.
Keyword Analysis
On-Page SEO Assessment

On-Page SEO Assessment

  • Content Review
    We evaluate your website’s content for SEO best practices, checking the effectiveness of title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags in aligning with your SEO goals.
  • Structural Optimization
    The audit evaluates your HTML structuring and content organization.

Technical SEO Review

  • Website Functionality
    The audit examines important technical factors such as mobile responsiveness, page load speeds, and secure connections (HTTPS), which affect user experience and search rankings.
  • Security Enhancements
    Particularly vital for industries handling sensitive data, such as healthcare and education, where user trust is essential.
Technical SEO Review
Backlink Overview

Backlink Overview

  • Link Quality Assessment
    We analyze the quality and relevance of the external sites linking to you, understanding how these affect your website’s authority and search engine trust.
  • Link Building Overview
    The audit assesses your backlink profile to determine its impact on your SEO performance, which is particularly crucial for businesses looking to enhance their local SEO presence.

Usability and Performance Insights

  • Performance Optimization
    We provide a detailed analysis of both mobile and desktop performance, identifying issues and opportunities for optimization that can significantly enhance site responsiveness and user satisfaction.
Usability and Performance Insights

Industry-Specific SEO Audits for Maximum Impact

Our SEO Strategic Overview Audit takes a specialized approach, formulating the analysis and recommendations cognizant of your specific industry's nuances. We have extensive experience optimizing search performance across various sectors, delivering strategic insights that reveal industry-specific new growth opportunities.



Real Estate

Real Estate



Professional Services

Professional Services

(legal, consulting, etc.)

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism



(schools, universities, and e-learning platforms)

Technology and SaaS Companies

Technology and SaaS Companies

Local Businesses

Local Businesses

(retail stores and restaurants)

Invest a mere $50 to grow your online industry presence!* We are committed to providing high-quality SEO services. However, we do not service certain industries. We reserve the right to refuse or refund orders from industries that engage in illegal activities, promote pornographic content, promote discrimination, or any other areas that we deem inappropriate. We maintain the discretion to refuse service based on the specific nature of the business.

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The Strategic Overview SEO Audit provides a valuable snapshot of your site's optimization opportunities. But to truly maximize your online visibility and conversions, you'll want our comprehensive, in-depth Complete Audit package.

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  • An enterprise-grade audit report with prioritized recommendations.
  • A customized, deep-dived roadmap covering several months of actionable items to achieve your specific SEO goals.
  • An advanced, exhaustive technical/on-page audit deconstructing every SEO element.
  • Comprehensive keyword research and competitive analysis.
  • Up to 3 hours of dedicated consultant time to explain findings and refine strategies.

You will be credited the $50 paid for the Strategic Overview audit towards your in-depth Complete Audit upgrade!

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